Chief Instructor &

Khalil Sorbi, Ph.D. E.E.
Shichi Dan (7th Degree Black Belt)

Dr. Sorbi, the highest JKA-certified examiner,
instructor, and judge in the East Coast Region, started
his training in Shotokan after retiring from George
Washington University’s wrestling team. He is the 1986
WAKF kumite champion and has won several East Coast
and National Senior division Championships.  In his
native Iran, he was high School champion, State
champion, Collegiate champion, and a member of the
National Wrestling team.  As a post-graduate of George
Washington University, he taught electronics and
electro-physics for over 20 years, served as Director of
Instruction of the Human Resources Research
Organization at George Washington University for three
years, and became the Director of Education at the
National Education Center in Washington, DC.  Now as
retired educator, he dedicates his time to educate and
promote Karate as a lifestyle throughout the area.

Shahriar Tayebi
Yan Dan (4th Degree Black Belt)

Shahriar Tayebi was born in Tehran Iran. He was among
Sensei Sorbi’s very first students. Mr. Tayebi holds a 3rd
Degree Black Belt in Shotokan and has been a member of
the International Shotokan Karate Association of
Northern Virginia since 1989. He earned his degree in
Applied and Pure Mathematics from the University of
London and he completed his study in Computer Science
and Electronic  Technology in the USA.  After, Mr.
Tayebi spent six years working as an Engineer at the
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, supporting the
Chairman and Chief of Staff. He is currently working as a
Senior System and Computer Consultant in the
Engineering Department of the U.S. Postal Service.

Peter Janssen
Roku Dan (6th Degree Black Belt)

Pete’s first exposure to the martial arts came as child
when his father was stationed in Okinawa; he began his
study of the martial arts several years later after
graduating from high school. Pete first practiced karate,
judo & jujitsu.  Later,  as a member of the U.S. Army he
was stationed in Chitose, Japan where trained in Wado
Ryu karate.  In 1971 while stationed in  Korea he trained
in Tae Kwon Do.  After leaving the Army in 1972 he
began his study of Yoshukai karate under Michael
Foster under whose direction he earned 6th degree black
belt and he is a Certified Instructor with that
organization.  Pete is a Certified Purchasing Manager
designated by the National Association of Purchasing
Managers and holds a BBA & MBA.  

Colonel Charles J. Parker U.S.Army Ret.
Roku Dan (6th Degree Black Belt)

Col. Parker began studying Judo and To-Te Kenpo Jitsu
in 1953.   In 1958 he started studying Shudokan
Karate-do.  He trained in a number of other Karate
styles before becoming a student of Takashi Akusawa  in
Shotokan Kenkojuku Karate-Do in 1964.  Col. Parker
was a founding and later a senior member of  the Tokyo
Karate-Do Association.   Col. Parker has continued to
train in traditional Shotokan /Shotokai  Karate-Do in the
US, Japan and Europe with many noted Shotokan and
Shotokai instructors over the last five decades.  Col.
Parker remains a Traditional Shotokan Kenkojuku
Karate-ka and is currently a founding member of the
American Shotokan Karate-Do Kenkojuku Alliance.  
Col. Parker is a member and has trained at the
International Shotokan Karate Association of Northern
Virginia dojo since 2008.  Col. Parker attended The
University of Miami, Webster University and Florida
State University and has degrees in Geography,
Criminology and Human Resources.  Col. Parker retired
from the U.S. Army in 1997 and currently is employed
by Nissan Motors Acceptance Corp.

Ahria Sorbi
Go Dan (5th Degree Black Belt)

Ahria Sorbi is the youngest in JKA, ISKF, JKA/AF, and
ISKA history to obtain Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, and
Yondan black belts ranking.  
At age of 19, he became  youngest JKA  certified  
Mr. Sorbi holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical
Engineering from George Mason University.
He has over 24 years of martial arts experience. His
Martial arts experience is not limited to just Shotokan;
he has experience in full-contact karate, Jiu-Jitsu,
take-down,  grappling, and wrestling. Throughout his
youth, he held th
e title of National Youth  and Collegiate
Champion for three consecutive years. Currently he is
one of the best national competitor.